March 7, 2021, 12:59 pm

Corrupt election and the fall of democracy in Bangladesh

Corrupt election and the fall of democracy in Bangladesh

Md Ahsanul Wadud

Bangladesh constitution 1972 declares Bangladesh a democratic country.  Any democratic country citizens enjoy the fundamental right of free and fair election. Given that, abolishment of this right means the extinction of democracy.

 Bangladesh held eleventh parliamentary election on 30 December 2018. This election echo’s the total failure of a democratic voting system and given the rise of a one-party state. Sheikh Hasina, led Awami-League government whose tenure has seen widespread allegations of rights abuses and creeping authoritarianism, is seeking a third consecutive term in office.  Since the government took power in 2009 they have used every means to retain power. To do so Awami league led government deliberately oppressed opposition parties in Bangladesh. In a countrywide crackdown on opposition parties, Awami League already victimized the outrageous number of opposition member through killing, enforced disappearance, life-changing injuries, and imprisonment.  They bought the country in a standstill where the call for justice never heard.

The national parliamentary election Day passed in Bangladesh amid widespread violence, intimation, and vote-rigging.   The election process was completely corrupt and the same mechanisms were used in all the polling station across the country.  Filled ballot boxes were reported soon after the pool opened. Only Awami League polling agents were present in the pooling centre. General member of the public were too intimated to visit the pooling center for voting. However, those few who attended in the pooling center found their vote has already been cast. The public were too scared to speak or show their rage against the malpractice in general election.  This show-off election on public expense only benefits the Awami League government by letting the world see that they have conducted a national election as it stipulates in the constitution of Bangladesh.

Now it’s the time that people from every walk of life come forward to create a mass movement to protect our country’s future and democracy. Only this way we can uphold our invaluable independence that our elders bought at the price of their blood.

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