April 3, 2020, 3:28 am

Forced Disappearance A Drackest Crime By The Authority

Forced Disappearance A Drackest Crime By The Authority

Md Ahsanul Wadud

Forced disappearance by the government forces is an atrocious violation of human rights and an international crime. In most of the cases, the victim of enforced disappearance disappears forever.  Their families go through incredible emotional pain and sufferings. It even gets worse by not knowing what happened in the fate of a loved one.

Every citizen has a fundamental right to access to justice. It is immaterial to the offense a person commits but every offender needs to go through with the justice system.  This is the whole purpose of the judiciary. Enforced disappearance goes against the judicial system and hence it is unlawful. Considering the fact that authorities are the one who is liable for this heinous crime. Ultimately this liability goes in the shoulder of government and the government is to be blamed for this crime.  

On a press release on 05th of October 2016 Amnesty International raised its concern for all three disappeared cases in Bangladesh for the past few weeks and demanded their whereabouts.   In the report, Amnesty mentioned the name of three recent victims of enforced disappearance– AbdullahilAmaanAzmi, Mir Ahmed Bin Quasem, and Hummam Qader Chowdhury.  They have not just been denied of their liberty but there is also no available information about their fate. This unacceptable situation places them outside the protection of the law. As with all people subjected to enforced disappearances they are at risk of torture and other ill-treatment, or even death, in custody. 

Up to this point, the authorities in Bangladesh denied their role in the enforced disappearance. Despite the fact that, several witnesses pointing to the involvement of security forces in the arrests. It is doubtless that these people are detained and disappeared by the government authorities but their current whereabouts are unknown.

Since 2009, enforced disappearances have become alarmingly routine in Bangladesh. It is well documented in many cases where individuals have been arrested by members of the security forces and never heard from again. According to the Bangladeshi human rights organization Odhikar, there have been at least 14 enforced disappearances so far in 2016 and at least 64 in 2015.  Torture and other forms of ill-treatment are common in detention in Bangladesh. Amnesty International in its report called for:

  • Immediately disclose to the families the fate and whereabouts of AbdullahilAmaanAzmi, Mir Ahmed Bin Qasem and Hummam Qader Chowdhury;
  • Charge all three individuals with an internationally recognized criminal offense or release them immediately; and
  •  Put an end to enforced disappearances in the country by bringing all of those suspected of criminal responsibility for that crime and other human rights violations to justice in fair trials before ordinary civilian courts without recourse to the death penalty.

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